Since its inception, Alraza is committed to providing the highest quality engineering machinery and spare parts. Using the latest tools equipment and techniques, we excel in operational reliability and durability of our manufactured parts.  We ensure the usage of the best and most cost-effective materials in accordance with factory specifications. Over the years we have amassed a huge inventory of spare parts for known tobacco manufacturing and packing machines. Our dedicated team of engineers ensure that spare parts maintain internationally recognized standards a with quality and durability.

Our clientele includes the top cigarette manufacturers in Pakistan including Pakistan Tobacco Company (PTC) and Phillip Morris International (PMI) amongst many other companies. Our engineering excellence extends to many newer cigarette manufacturing machines such as Mollins Mark 9, Max-S and latest GD’s.  We also have affiliations and working partnerships with many other engineering firms and this greatly enhances our capacity to mass-produce parts using the highest grade materials on the latest computerized machines.

Engineering Machinery Technology

Alraza uses the latest in technologies for its manufacturing processes. Based on ISO standards, we have the capacity to manufacture spare parts using CAD diagrams as well as sample spares. Our manufacturing process starts the moment we receive an order. Our customers usually provide us with the part numbers and assembly numbers of specific parts. We have a very large inventory of spares which includes precise specification samples.  Readily available samples enables us to replicate the parts and ship immediately.

Alraza has recently developed a complete and bespoke online MIS system which works on the principles of and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Each module in this MIS system (HR, Accounting and Inventory Control) works in cohesion with each other. This not only enables the management team to keep track of orders but also manage inventory at the click of a button. We are proud to admit that Alraza is the only company in this sector in Pakistan to implement this kind of system.


Alraza has over 20 years of experience in engineering excellence in the field of spare parts manufacturing for the Cigarette making industry. We have a team of highly skilled and experienced staff which has delivered high quality services to our prestigious customers.

Our engineering experience extends to not only manufacturing spare parts but also complete over hauling of machines according to factory specifications. One of our key focus while over hauling is to bring the machine to the factory standard specs. At times we have received machines that have been customized to work on local assembled parts. These machines were immaculately restored to their factory specifications using our high quality spares and imported items. We have developed a name in the local market for our standardization. This makes Alraza unique in that we offer warranties for our spares that are not offered by anyone else in the market.